A List of Adventure

Hello, once more my invisible readers,

Know what? I think even if someone did start commenting, I would still open each blog with “Hello invisible readers” it is now my thing. I did need a thing. That is now it. So, Right, Blog, Posting. Damn. This actual posting thing is hard. Especially trying to do it regularly. It requires to much thinking. Well, let’s be happy. I kinda went a little depressing last post…. But, hey. I did say I did other shit. Okay. Real quick post. Here is a quick list. No pictures. Of shit I have done.

  1. Swam with Dolphins.
  2. Swam with Whale Sharks.
  3. Rode an Elephant.
  4. Snorkelled off the coast of Queensland, Australia.
  5. Held a baby Wombat. So young, it had no fur.
  6. Walked the mines in Cooper Pedy.
  7. Kayaked through caves, just off the coast of Thailand. Or Canoed… I don’t know the difference between the two.
  8. And… possibly other shit I can’t remember.

Okay, short list. But all that was damn awesome. Kinda, makes me think I should have pics. Sigh.

Well. That’s all. My mind can’t function. Not that it ever can.



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