Hello my invisible readers.

Names Bianca. Aussie born and Breed.
Started this blog more than a year ago. Had stars in my eye's, thinking I could do this.
Well, that honeymoon Period ended and the ruin settled in.

So today, I'm rebuilding the old girl. Starting with being more "real". 
I guess since this is or will be a travel blog. I should say where I've been. 

First place: Around this land I call home. Australia, I have to say travel around here is bloody good, when you're young and someone else foots the bill. I am lucky enough to have done a few things here. like, swim with whale-sharks, crocodile river cruises and many days on some of the great beaches. My personal favourite beach had been the one that kept squeaking. what kid wouldn't?

Other places I've been are Thailand, rode an elephant. Malaysia. and Papua New Guinea, did Kokoda, didn't walk the last day, but still I gave it a go.
To be honest. Travel is the biggest dream I have. Who doesn't want to explore other cities, cultures or lives? 

But, big but, if I had to do anything else in the world. I would be an interior designer, a bad one, maybe. Still would be fun, right?

Of course, like everyone I do have some talents; mainly drunk singing and procrastinating. Might explain why this failed.... opps. Okay so not really talented, do I need a talent?
going off this Talent pool, I can say I have achieved something. Each day I broke the record for number of days I've spent alive. An accomplishment everyone can claim. 

Guilty Pleasures should be mentioned. Who hasn't got one? Mine are of course, things that help me procrastinate: Webtoons and notalwaysright. The talent in the first is amazing and the stories in the second, might cause faith in humanity to be lost, but funny anyway.

So, dreaming on. This will, one day soon, be a travel blog. I want to Start in backpacking through Europe. Doing things I can't do here, Visiting castles, eating local food - I love food. 

That's all I have to say. 
Catch you on the flip side.