About Me

Hi there,

Bianca here. Just saying welcome to my blog. I guess, if you’re looking at this you may want to know a little about me. where to start…

Well. I am 23, and live in a rural town in Victoria, Australia. This isn’t my first attempt at a blog. My first one was called Help I’m A Writer. Horrible Name. With no writing experience, and with a name like that. kind of stuck in one niche. So I created this one. Fabled Escape, the name was hard to come up with. So many blogs exist already so finding a name that wasn’t already taken. Or wasn’t the same thing in a different way as what someone else had done. I want to try and by a little different. But I am happy with this name, after all Fabled means mythical or imaginary. What my life seems to be now, as well as famous especially by reputation, which is what I hope is slowly to come about with this. And Escape meaning to break free from confinement or control, well who doesn’t want lose control now and then. It also means temporary distraction from reality, so if you are ready this. I have been successful.

Anyway, not much to put on this. Maybe more later….


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