Well Hi there. Invisible reader. 
Bet you haven't a clue why your here. Cause, honestly I haven't got the faintest idea either. 
this is my rambling nonsense blog. My name is Bianca. Aussie. Not that you care, right? 

Short introduction. Currently just shy of 25. Living with my dad. Yeah, bit pathetic that. Not sure who wants me out more. Him or me. This Blog has been around for a while. I have just done absolutely nothing with it. More about me. I ramble. Clearly. Hang out with old people. No wonder I ramble. Picked it up. Love Music. Love taking picture on the phone. Cheap plug: You can follow me on twitter (@fabeled_escape) and instagram (fabledescape). Not that you get much for doing so. maybe a follow back and a what the fuck post now and then. Still. that's me. 

Not sure what to say on this. Guess. I should just create some posts. You can get to know me that way. Or send a message... Use twitter. I don't think my contact me works on here... Oops. 

Catch ya on the flip side.