Challenge: Analyse a Blog.

Today’s challenge. Going over a blog and looking over someone else’s blog and asking myself some questions about it. like…

What is the first impression I get? Is it a positive one or not?

What is the content like? How do they interact with readers? Are they on social media?

So many questions. I won’t say who I creeped on. But I will tell you a little of what stood out most to me:

  • First thing seen on every page is a picture.
  • They promote only what they feel benefits the reader.
  • Easy layout to navigate, find whatever you need to.
  • Laid back style of writing, almost a casual way to get the point across.
  • Gives great, easy to follow tips.
  • Easy to learn something about them. Not shy at all.
  • Newsletter sign up on nearly every page.
  • Incouragement to interact with them.
  • Etc…

That’s the base line of it all. I creeped on a blog today. To inspire my own. I will not copycat them. But I can see what is out there, and what is not out there. Time to revamp this old thing. Maybe later…. This might be a straightforward task. It makes for very basic blog posting. Oh well.

Comment what blogs you think I should check out. Even if it’s your own. Take the Chance to promote.



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