Challenge: Failed, Oh No.

So its been about a week or more scinc my last post. And that’s simply because this challenge has been one I struggled with. When I struggle with things I do tend to procrastinate as well. So even more time passes with nothing being achieved. Very bad.

So the 5th challenge was email a reader. Sounds really simple doesn’t it. And there are probably a hundred posts on google to help. However I’m just going to accept that I have failed to do this task. A week is too long, time to move on. So I failed to email a reader. Well, I do have some excuses for it. To start I figured I had no readers. The only way I know anyone is reading is by comments. And well there ain’t that many on here. So, naturally, I didn’t think I had any. Sad I know. But then miracles were soon my good friend and I found a comment waiting for approval. And I did, even if it took me five minutes to decipher it. Next panic, what was I meant to do. I don’t want them to know my personal email. It’s bad enough my mum knows it, let alone a stranger. Nothing against my mum, she’s just a little different. To put it mildly. Okay, relax. I can work something out. No, that didn’t happen.

I failed this challenge. I will do my best not to fail any others. No promises. And maybe next time I do this 31 day challenge thing again. I might actually know what I am doing. Honestly at 23 you would think I would have had some technological knowledge stored in my silly mind. But I’m just impressed that I finally worked out that Ctrl + t opens a new tap. I’m sure you all knew that.

Anyway, there it is I will admit failure. Comment any tips you might have on emailing readers. I need to know. Or just comment so I know you are reading.



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