Challenge: Link Post

Challenge today was to write a link post. Basically a post that linked to other posts. it’s a little bit of an outdated idea with social media, but a good one to do when you can’t think of anything to write. Now, there were several different ways I could have gone about it doing this. One was to link to a post and write a review, either agreeing or disagreeing with the blogger. Or another was to do a list type version of this. That’s the way I went. Something simple. I used triberr to find posts that were in my niche, do I have a niche? hard to tell sometimes. and read them, yes I read all the posts I linked too. Then I linked to the ones that I actually liked. This is the result:


Links To Posts I Enjoyed.

Here are five posts on travel that I found and enjoyed reading. By some inspiring travel bloggers. Enjoy. And do actually check them out.


This post was one I enjoyed. Mainly for the stunning pictures. Pictures are great for the lazy reader. But, I also enjoyed how they show the magic of a place, in the way the talked, without taking away from any experience you might have traveling there.


Reading the 7 best things to do in Romania. Gave me a new bucket list item. It’s not a place I ever thought of visiting. But the curiosity of the salt mine is now something I have to see.


A great post on Island hopping with some basic tips to get any kind of travel going. These are definitely tips that no matter the budget you can use. Some may come in handy for other journeys.


This is a great one. It really highlights the different advice people might give. They might give it because they care, but sometimes it’s just not good. The reasons given as to why this might be bad advice. Given some great advice to use while traveling. Common sense might be something to learn.


Last post. This one has a few great beaches stops listed on it. And as an Aussie, I can agree that the ocean road is a must. Should do it again. There are a lot of beaches around Australia. It is an island after all. So explore. Find the hidden gems.

Comment What posts you enjoyed. Also let me know what you thought of this post.



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