Challenge: Mobile Friendly

Hello invisible readers,

So back on the challenge wagon today. With one I found kinda fun to do, no idea why. Making the blog mobile friendly. So this was mobile friendly already. Due to the theme I use. Yet it looked shit when I actually looked at it. Well, that’s what I thought. Now I had a number of different options available to me. I could get a new theme, one I liked. I didn’t I’m happy, for now, with what I have. It’s not very professional looking, but I wouldn’t call me a professional. Next option I had was to install a plugin. Simple solution, till you look at all the options that are available. With how important keeping a blog mobile friendly, its no wonder. So, I looked at another option, that is to use jetpack. Now this is something that was always available, and always over looked. If you’re like me and have a blog. It was the first thing you installed the second the blog was up. I went with using jetpack. and it was real simple.



Two seconds was all it took. Really that long, the page loading took longer. And all I had to do was check the option on the setting page. Suddenly looking at this on mobile was much better. And maybe a little more professional looking. At least more so than it looks on a laptop. And well, I also made a few small changes to the look of the blog in general. Nothing much but I wonder if you can spot what I did?

Comment what you would do to make a blog mobile friendly.



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