Challenge: Social Media Review.

So, I should be actually finishing these 31 challenges. Instead I am only doing the eighth one. That’s not good. Showing off the laziness. Anyway. This challenge was basically going over a social media account and being as honest as possible, with yourself, as to what you are actually doing.

Three things to consider:

  1. How much time spent on it. Too little or too much.
  2. The type of posts. And are there too many of the one type.
  3. Last how are you interacting with people.

So for me. I looked at Twitter. Not only is it the social media site I spend the most time on. It also has a great analytic’s feature, allowing you to look over all the data and prevent you from lying to yourself. Think you only posted once that day. Guess again. so by looking at it I was able to see that my interaction with Twitter was rather. Poor.

when considering the three I found:

  1. I spent next to no time on the site. Even with having the mobile app.
  2. I was only doing the types of posts. I still am. All I do is retweet others. or share links to the blog. That apparently no one reads…. Oh woe is me.
  3. The last thing was not a big shock to me. I do not get human interaction. So, seeing that I literally had no Human interaction over a near six month period. Was well, expected. Not good at all. I will admit. This will be the hardest thing to improve.

There you have it. My tweeting fail. More like Twitting. Well, that might be a little rude.

Comment. Or just tweet me. Honestly, say anything.



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