Challenge: Well… My Bad.

Well hello there. Long time, no see. I could use this as a moment to say. I have a million reasons for not being on site. Well, maybe one or two. But that’s neither here nor there.

So, sorry for the lack of updates. If, anyone is still reading this…

Instead this is a quick update to say. I have not given up on going over the challenges. The next post will be a 31 day challenge post… Even if those 31 days are now the biggest lie on here. Hopefully, the only ever lie.

So, far we have gone over 8 different challenges.

  1. Elevator pitch: the challenge to summarise the blog. in the time it takes to ride an elevator.
  2. List post: writing a post in the form of a list.
  3. Blog promotion: letting others know about the blog.
  4. Analyse a blog: look at someone else’s blog and take notes.
  5. Email a reader: make contact with someone that has shown interest in the blog.
  6. Mobile friendly: make the blog readable on a mobile.
  7. Link post: creating a post that lead readers to other bloggers.
  8. Social media review: going over social media, see what needs improving.

All of these which you can still read on site. If you need a refresher. I know I do.




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