Dear Me….

Well…. It’s once again been a long time. Honestly, this whole having a blog, doesn’t seem to be my strong suit. After all we are in March and this is my first post of the year. Kinda lame, if you ask me. Not really surprising that no-one reads this.

I don’t even read what I write. Then again. Who would read… Expect academics, literists, actors, students… Okay the list could go on. I read. Could be why I don’t bother spending time posting. I want to know what others have to say. Boy, do some people have a lot to say. It’s not just reading thou.

It’s also taking the time to listen. I, being the awesome granddaughter, I am spend an afternoon a week with my Grandmother. It’s only a little thing. I probably annoy her. Lots. I am good at that. Point is, just doing that little thing can show you a different side of things.

Grandmothers, and possibly grandfathers, are full of fascinating stories. Mine tells me what happened over the week. Now and again a story of day’s past will creep in. Stories like the nuns at the school, coming into her backyard and taking my dad. Only for a short while. I told dad about that story. It kinda felt awesome telling my dad something of his childhood.

So, this is my post. If I stick to normal routine. The only one of the year….

Cheers, Bianca.