Here Are My Dreams.

Hello my invisible readers,

Yes, yes you are… Damn. I need a friend. Okay. Short one last time. Not sure how big this will be. I am doing a challenge. Challenge says. “Define your dream and share it with the world” posting it on here counts, right? Well. It does now.

So, the dream. I think part of that is clear. I want to Travel. other parts. Might not be so clear. Laying it all out now:

My dream is to be a nomadic entrepreneur. That writes fantasy stories. And looking sexy while doing it. Basically, to break it down I want.

  • To travel. Come on. It’s a big, mixed up, weird world out there. Who wouldn’t want to see as much as possible of it?
  • To be an entrepreneur. Well, who doesn’t these days. Old fashioned folk. That’s who.
  • To be a fantasy writer. Harry Potter and Anita Blake have a lot to answer to.
  • I want to look, in my eyes, sexy. There is a reason I don’t post pics of me. Not even selfies on Instagram. Blah.

Okay, that’s it. Challenge. Done. And I don’t care what anyone says. Unless, it’s advice. Not advice to shut up. But advice is good. Honestly. The day I shut up. Is. okay that could happen, but still.



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