Rambling to Waste Time.

Hello, invisible readers.

Another ramble is here. That last one was long. It even had links. Truly it felt almost like a proper blog post. Still, just because I can give you taste of this blogs potential. Doesn’t mean I’m going to live up to it. oh no. This is my fun. I can annoy the world. Well. I really have to do something with this. Okay, no I don’t. I want to do something with this. Waste not want not. If you are reading this. Just pointing out that you are wasting time. If that is what you want to do. Find cute animal pictures. At least they don’t hurt your head reading them. Unlike this. Honestly it hurts my head just trying to think. Yet alone string something resembling a sentence together. Thinking. Blah. Now onto a topic. Yes, it takes for ever for me to get to the topic. You know maybe if I actually came up with it before I started writing it would be less rambling. As if that’s going to happen. I am the rambling blogger. With dreams of traveling the world. I don’t think, I just ramble.

Oh, look a topic. Coming up with ideas. I’m sure you have seen lots of blog posts and/or read books that help with such a thing. And to be honest. I do have such a book. Yeah. I clearly read it and paid attention. Okay. Yes. Point being. The blog topic ideas are a dime a dozen in this overly connected online world. Coming up with one no one has before takes more imagination then the average person has. If you can. Please give me some of your ideas. Blogs are becoming cliched in the same way that stories are in books. Clichés are good. I like them. They provide an idea you already understand and can find examples of to help with your blogging.

So, how do you stand out? By being different. By being yourself. I started blogging with stars in my eyes. I was going to travel and make money on this. Years later. I was nothing. Currently still at nothing. So, I decided. To forego the putting others first. I put me first. In the way I write these posts. I ramble. I call you all invisible readers. I am being myself. Once and for all. It gives me a difference. Especially when I am writing about a topic that has been done to death.

Okay. This has gone on to long. Ramble at me. Anytime.



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