A Short List To Get You Started Travel Blogging.

Hello, my lovely invisible readers.

If you are even there… Well. Don’t think it really matter. Not like I want to make money blogging… Or do I? Actually, that could be an idea. Yeah money. Get me out of living with my Dad. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I think it would. So, making money blogging. Where on earth would I start to do that. Where else dumbass. Me not you. Always me. By reading blogs that have achieved the dream. Wait. This can be a link post. Finally, a proper, yet still rambling post… I think at this point you should just expect rambling. Okay, rambling on. I have been reading blog posts by other bloggers. Mainly travel bloggers. Of course.

And some of them. At least the ones I have read. Have posts about making it as a travel blogger. Wonderful. Here is my short list. Of travel bloggers that teach you how to get started:

  1. Savvy Backpacker – How to start a blog
  2. Young Adventuress – How to start a blog.
  3. Indiana Jo – So you want to start a travel blog.
  4. Nomadicmatt – Become a successful travel blogger.
  5. Superstarblogging – Nomadicmatt – Start a travel blog.
  6. Expert Vagabond – How to start a travel blog.
  7. Never Ending Footsteps – 8 simple steps to starting a travel blog.

I better explain the links a bit more. Yeah… I should.

Okay so, the first one. The Savvy Backpacker:

Really, really great. If you haven’t started a blog it takes you through all the steps with easy to understand instructions. The no nonsense, to the point way of writing. Let’s you know what’s what without giving you the chance to try to delude yourself. Kinda hurts to see things like, takes years to earn even a little and hard to earn lots. But full of useful information.

Second one. Young Adventuress:

Another to the point one. This one isn’t so much on the step by step. Though, it does have them. But, more a tips and tricks kind of post. Telling you the things you really should consider with your blog. And giving the facts on what not to be doing with it. The first tip with naming blogs is something I should have read before I started this… Oh well.

Third one. Indiana Jo:

Easy to understand and a goldmine of useful tips. My favourite being about data security. Not many bloggers, at least I haven’t found them. Talk about this. Learning you can travel and still get Netflix is a bonus.

Fourth one. Nomadic Matt:

One of the most known travel blogs around. Honestly, you have to live under a rock if you never heard of this one. And the first travel blog I ever read. So, I naturally had to add it to the list. He of course has great advice in this post, not all of it I listen to. Like the don’t talk about yourself point. But still it’s useful to know.

Fifth one. Super Star Blogging:

This is the must read before starting post. With the main points, like honesty and connecting with the audience covered. It also has great bits of advice from top and well-worn bloggers. Links to those blogs are included. More to discover in the rabbit hole of travel blogging.

Sixth one. Expert Vagabond:

Easy read. Plus, it starts with a menu. Letting you skip to the part you really want to read about. It has a friendly tone to it and gives easy to use advice. And when that’s all too easy for you it has a post linked to it. So, you can take it to the next level of travel blogging.

Last one. Never Ending Footsteps:

Okay. So again, this is filled with easy to use steps and advice. But this one as a more personal touch to it. you learn about creating your own travel blog and you learn about her. You can see the thought behind her blog and how that can relate to your own blogging.

Okay so none of these were in any particular order. But I really do hope they help. Maybe I should try taking some advice. Like the one about Readers first… Or maybe not. Who knows.



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