Walking In Footsteps.

Hello invisible readers,
Are you even there? Well, don’t suppose it really matters. I’m here. Given this is my blog. That’s all that really matters. Last time I talked, more rambled, about my parents inspiring my life to lead in different ways. Not an exciting read. Then again. If this blog was exciting. People might read it. We certainly can’t have that.

Today, I am going to annoy you with more rambling. It’s what I’m good at. Okay? And today’s ramble is about. Well, I haven’t a clue. This is more just posting for the sake of posting. Which, if you read my older posts. Is clear is all I have ever done with this blog. My blog has no clear sense of purpose or direction. I would like it to be a travel blog. But, I currently live in a no where town. And thou I have done a bit of travel. I seem to be going nowhere now. Hang on. Blog post forming within the ramble. I can talk about…

The adventures I have already been one. Okay let’s keep it short and talk about just one. Kokoda. Every heard of it? fascinating place and history. Kokoda track is found in Papa New Guinea. Just north of Australia. The track is some of the hardest terrain you can find in the world. This place is important to Australian history. It’s where, in WW2. We Aussies fought along side the locals to stop the Japanese from reaching our home. Okay, there was that whole bombing in Darwin thing. But, despite the tragedies of Kokoda. We were victories.

These days Kokoda is a well-worn track from tourists all around the world. Walking the path where the Aussie diggers and the Japanese fought. I, being one of the many. And I can say, it was bloody hard.

2015. Was when my father and I walked the track. I won’t go into detail. This was meant to be a short post after all. I will say that the only easy part of the whole thing was the first morning when we had the Dawn Service. And if you can’t guess why we would want to go to a Dawn service there, on that year. You can google it. Mental and physical toughness are a must for doing the track. A few points about the track. You will never be fit enough to walk it unless, you train yourself like a solider beforehand. Also, remember if you ever do walk it. Warm down. That was my biggest mistake. Going from Kokoda and into normal living was hell on my body. There is a damn good reason the say warm down after working out. walking Kokoda is the biggest workout you will ever do. Ease back into normal life. Yes, I can hear you scoffing. But do consider. I was only 21. So, young and healthy. And I ended up in hospital because of liver failure. Not a smoker and hadn’t had a drink. So, can’t blame that. Yet, that happened. A lot of people mention soreness. Yet there is also the sad truth. That walking the track can kill. People have walked it. Just to walk in the footsteps of the diggers. And have died.

I hope I haven’t scared you. It is one thing I truly believe everyone should do. Even once. I just want, you to be ready, for it.

On that note. Let’s end this, somewhat gloomy ramble.


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